Former Group Leaders in UniSysCat - Goodbye & Good Luck!

Prof. Dr. Nediljko Budisa

Units: B, C, E
Expertise: protein modification by non-natural amino acids

Dr. Tobias Gensch

Units: A, D
Expertise: Organometallic Chemistry, Homogeneous catalysis, statistical modeling, computational chemistry

Dr. Walid Hetaba

Units: A
Expertise: Transmission Electron Microscopy, Electron Energy Loss Spectrometry, EELS Simulations

Prof. Dr. Bettina G. Keller

Units: E
Expertise:  Molecular dynamics simulations

Prof. Dr. Shuang Li

Units: A, E
Expertise: metal-organic hybrid materials, mesoporous metal carbide/nitride, electrocatalysis

Dr. Martin Oschatz

Units: A
Expertise: synthesis of nanoporous materials and electrode materials, single-site electrocatalysts, nanoparticle synthesis

Dr. Bartholomäus Pieber

Units: D
Expertise: Photocatalysis, Organic Chemistry, Flow Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Frieder W. Scheller

Units: C
Expertise: enzyme electrochemistry

Prof. Dr. Robert Schlögl

Units: A, D
Expertise: electron microscopy, X-ray spectroscopy, catalyst characterization

Dr. Matthias Schwalbe

Units: A, D
Expertise: electro- and photocatalysis and artificial photosynthesis

Prof. Dr. Roderich Süssmuth

Units: B
Expertise: enzymology and analytics of ribosomal peptide biosynthesis

Prof. Dr. Christian Spahn

Units: B, E
Expertise: macromelcular machines, 3D cryo-electron microscopy

Prof. Dr. Johannes F. Teichert

Units: A
Expertise:  Homogeneous Catalysis, Organic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Sustainable Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Inez Weidinger

Units: A, D
Expertise: Electrocatalysis, Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, spectro-electrochemistry


Prof. Dr. Ulla Wollenberger

Units: B, C
Expertise: Protein electrochemistry, Bioelectrocatalysis, Biosensors