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Awards (selection)

2021 Faraday Medal
2020 Brian Conway Prize for Physical Electrochemistry
2018 Sir William Grove Award
2016 Ertl Prize for research work in electrochemistry
2016 Otto-Roelen Medal for outstanding scientific Achievements in Catalysis
2008 National Science Foundation annual performance and achievement awar
2000 Otto-Hahn Research Medal

Prof. Dr. Peter Strasser
TU Berlin
Straße des 17. Juni 124
10623 Berlin
+49 30 31423954
+49 30 31422239


Publications (selection)

L. Gan, C. Cui, M. Heggen, F. Dionigi, S. Rudi, P. Strasser, Element-specific anisotropic growth of shaped platinum alloy nanocrystals, Science 2014, 346 (6216), 1502-1506.

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N. R. Sahraie, U. I.Kramm, J. Steinberg, Y. J. Zhang, A. Thomas, T. Reier, J. P. Paraknowitsch, P. Strasser, Quantifying the density and utilization of active sites in non-precious metal oxygen electroreduction catalysts, Nature Communications 2015, 6, Article number: 8618.

H. Mistry, A. S. Varela, C. S. Bonifacio, I. Zegkinoglou, I. Sinev, Y.-W. Choi, K. Kisslinger, E. A. Stach, J. C. Yang, P. Strasser, B. R Cuenya, Highly selective plasma-activated copper catalysts for carbon dioxide reduction to ethylene, Nature Communications 2016.

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P. Strasser, S. Koh, T. Anniyev, J. Greeley, K. More, C. F. Yu, Z. C. Liu, S. Kaya, D. Nordlund, H. Ogasawara, M. F.Toney, A. Nilsson, Lattice-strain control of the activity in dealloyed core-shell fuel cell catalysts. Nature Chemistry 2010, 2 (6), 454-460.

H. N. Nong, T. Reier, H.-S. Oh, M. Gliech, P. Paciok, T. H. T. Vu, D. Teschner, M. Heggen, V. Petkov, R. Schlögl, T. Jones, P. Strasser, A unique oxygen ligand environment facilitates water oxidation in hole-doped IrNiOx core–shell electrocatalysts, Nature Catalysis 2018.

A. Bergmann, T. E. Jones, E. Martinez Moreno, D. Teschner, P. Chernev, M. Gliech, T. Reier, H.Dau, P. Strasser, Unified structural motifs of the catalytically active state of Co(oxyhydr)oxides during the electrochemical oxygen evolution reaction, Nature Catalysis 2018, 1 (9), 711-719.