Research interests

  • structure and mechanisms RiPP biosynthesis complexes
  • bioactivity and molecular targets of RiPPs
  • biotechnological generation of RiPPs

Research Units in UniSysCat

Awards (selection)

2014 Appointment “Van Arkel Chair 2014”, Universiteit Leiden, the Netherlands
2013 Visiting professorship, Ben-Gurion-University Beer-Sheva, Israel
2010 Sigma-Aldrich Lecture, Lunteren, the Netherlands
2006 Lecture Award (Dozentenstipendium) of the German Chemical Industry Fund (VCI
2003 Lilly Lecture Award by Eli-Lilly, Germany
2003 Junior Scientist Award for Natural Product Research of DECHEMA
2002 Friedrich-Weygand-Award of the Max Bergmann Kreis
2002 Emmy Noether Fellowship of the DFG
2000 Feodor Lynen Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Prof. Dr. Roderich D. Süssmuth
Technische Universität Berlin
Institut für Chemie / C141 / Sekr. C3
Straße des 17. Juni 115
10623 Berlin
+49 (0)3031424205
+49 (0)3031479651

Publications (selection)

L. Rostock, R. Driller, S. Grätz, D. Kerwat, L. von Eckardstein, D. Petras, M. Kunert, C. Alings, F.-J. Schmitt, T. Friedrich, MC. Wahl, B. Loll, A. Mainz, R. D. Süssmuth, Molecular insights into antibiotic resistance - how a binding protein traps albicidin, Nature Communication 2018, 9, 3095.

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G. Völler, B. Krawczyk, P. Ensle, RD. Süssmuth, Involvement and unusual substrate specifity of a prolyl oligopeptidase in class III lanthipeptide maturation, Journal of the American Chemical Society 2013, 135, 7426-7429.


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