Who was Clara Immerwahr?

Clara Immerwahr (June 21, 1870 – May 2, 1915) studied Chemistry at the University of Breslau.  She was an eager student, particularly interested in natural sciences. Quick-witted and thirsting for knowledge Clara became the first woman to earn a doctoral degree in physical chemistry at a German university on December 12, 1900. After completing her doctorate she became assistant to Professor Abegg, at that time the highest attainable academic position for a woman.

Dr. Clara Immerwahr was the first wife of Fritz Haber, head of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of physical chemistry and electrochemistry, which was the forerunner of the Fritz Haber Institute. The Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society is one of the participating institutions of UniCat.

New articels on Clara Immerwahr

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