Three UniSysCat research groups investigated in an interdisciplinary approach oxygen activation of a non-heme iron(II) Cyclam Center relevant for understanding the chemistry of dinuclear non-heme iron enzymes.

The group of UniSysCat research group leader Mathias Driess published three fundamental works for cluster areas A and D very recently, addressing distance dependent activation and specific electrocatalytic reactions.

UniSysCat group leader Prof. Dr. Kallol Ray has been awarded with the EuroBIC Medal 2020 for his exciting and top-level research in the field of Bioinorganic Chemistry.

Prof. Dr. Beatriz Roldán Cuenya, a group leader within our research cluster, has been awarded with a membership to the Academia Europaea for her outstanding contributions and dedication to the advancement of scientific...

The call for applications for the Clara Immerwahr Award 2021 @TUBerlin is now open.

Application deadline: October 25, 2020

The excellence cluster UniSysCat at the Technische Universität Berlin invites applications for a research assistant position in the field of theoretical structural biology.

The excellence cluster UniSysCat at the Technische Universität Berlin invites applications for a position in the administration office of the cluster for secretarial, financial and management purposes.

In a collaborative approach the groups of M. Kaupp and S. Shaik present a general conceptualization of the nature of metal–metal (M–M) bonding in transition-metal complexes by use of ab initio valence-bond theory.

An interview with UnisyCat researcher Benjamin Steininger in National Geographic about our dependence on fossil fuels in daily life.

Five UniSysCat research group leaders and one former Einstein visiting fellow contributed to a new textbook on “Bioorganometallic Chemistry”.

UniSysCat Kickoff-Videos now online


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