What's UniSysCat all about?

UniSysCat stands for Unifying Systems in Catalysis. We are a Cluster of Excellence - more than 260 researchers from four universities and four research institutes in the Berlin and Potsdam area - working jointly together on current challenges in the highly relevant field of catalysis.

UniSysCat unites biologists, chemists, engineers and physicists with the aim to revolutionize catalysis research.


Prof. Dr. Gerhard Ertl

Nobel Laureate Prof. Gerhard Ertl celebrated his 85th birthday on October 10th. UniSysCat warmly congratulates the pioneer of surface chemistry and spiritus rector of our catalysis research.

Are you hungry?

A team of UniSysCat researchers deciphered the structure of the hunger switch in our brain - the tiny protein called melanocortin 4 receptor.

Alfred Nobel

Benjamin List and David MacMillan receive this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the development of new catalysts. We're excited that the importance of catalysis is highlighted by the highest award.

Second episode of the science podcast  "exzellent erklaert" is now online.

Alzheimer's - origin, findings, research questions. Prof. Christian Haass from Munich Cluster for Systems Neurology talks about his work on the neurological disease.

UniSysCat member Prof. Peter Hegemann

Together with Dieter Oesterhelt and Karl Deisseroth, Peter Hegemann has been honoured with the very prestigious biomedical research award for his pioneering work on optogenetics.

Bundesciencia LGBTQ STEM Tisch

LGBTQ STEM Berlin and the Society of Spanish Researchers in Germany (CERFA) invite to the first Bundesciencia LGBTQ STEM Tisch on September 30.

Prof. Kallol Ray

The three top articles published in Angewandte Chemie report sophisticated studies of reaction intermediates important in biocatalytic processes involving metalloenzymes.

Prof. Joachim Heberle

UniSysCat member Joachim Heberle became a new member of the Austrian Agency for Scientific Integrity (ÖAWI) and the central ombudsman of FU Berlin.

Exzellent erklärt - Podcast

On September 1, 2021, the first episode of the podcast of the clusters of excellence in Germany will appear: scientists explain to podcaster Larissa Vassilian how they want to find answers to relevant topics of our time.

Exhibition 'OIL. BEAUTY and HORROR in the PETROL AGE'

The exhibition 'Oil. Beauty and Horror in the Petrol Age', curated by UniSysCat member Dr. Benjamin Steininger, will open at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg on September 4, 2021.

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Unifying Systems in Catalysis (UniSysCat) is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) under Germany´s Excellence Strategy – EXC 2008/1– 390540038