Research interests

  • cofactors in enzymes and their role in biological catalysis
  • metal complexes in (photo-)catalysis
  • EPR and hyperfine spectroscopy to characterize paramagnetic intermediates in (bio-)catalysis

Research Units in UniSysCat

Dr. Christian Teutloff
Freie Universität Berlin
Fachbereich Physik
Arnimallee 14
D-14195 Berlin
+49 (0)30 83853394
+49 (0)838453394

Publications (selection)

Christin Radon, Gerd Mittelstädt, Benjamin R. Duffus, Jörg Bürger, Tobias Hartmann, Thorsten Mielke, Christian Teutloff, Silke Leimkühler, Petra Wendler, Cryo-EM structures reveal intricate Fe-S cluster arrangement and charging in Rhodobacter capsulatus formate dehydrogenase, Nat. Comm. 2020, 11(1912)

Wing Ying Chow, Brendan P. Norman, Norman B. Roberts, Lakshminarayan R. Ranganath, Christian Teutloff, Robert Bittl, Melinda J. Duer, James A. Gallagher, Hartmut Oschkinat, Pigmentation Chemistry and Radical-Based Collagen Degradation in Alkaptonuria and Osteoarthritic Cartilage, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2020, 59(29)

Meng-Yang Ye, Shuang Li, Xiaojia Zhao, Nadezda V. Tarakina, Christian Teutloff, Wing Ying Chow, Robert Bittl, Arne Thomas, Cobalt-Exchanged Poly(Heptazine Imides) as Transition Metal–Nx Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction, Adv. Mat. 2020, 32(9)

S. Saeidpour, S. B. Lohan, A. Solik, V. Paul, R. Bodmeier, G. Zoubari, R. Bittl, M. C. Meinke, C.Teutloff, Drug Distribution in Nanostructured Lipid Particles, Eur. J. of Pharm. and Biopharm. 2017, 110:19–23

S. Frielingsdorf, J. Fritsch, A. Schmidt, M. Hammer, J. Löwenstein, E. Siebert, V. Pelmenschikov, T. Jaenicke, J. Kalms, Y. Rippers, F. Lendzian, I. Zebger, C. Teutloff, M. Kaupp, R. Bittl, P. Hildebrandt, B. Friedrich, O. Lenz, & P. Scheerer, Reversible [4Fe-3S] cluster morphing in an O2-tolerant [NiFe] hydrogenase, Nat Chem Biol. 2014, 110: 378–385

M. Fehr, A. Schnegg, B. Rech, O. Astakhov, F. Finger, R. Bittl, C. Teutloff, K. Lips, Metastable Defect Formation at Microvoids Identified as a Source of Light-Induced Degradation in a–Si:H, Phys. Rev. Lett. 2014, 112: 066403-1–5

J. Behrends, A. Sperlich, A. Schnegg, T. Biskup, C. Teutloff, K. Lips, V. Dyakonov and R. Bittl, Direct detection of photoinduced charge transfer complexes in polymer fullerene blends, Phys. Rev. B, 2012, 85:125206

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L. Benisvy, R. Bittl, E. Bothe, C. D. Garner,J. McMaster, S. Ross, C. Teutloff, F. Neese, Phenoxyl radicals hydrogen-bonded to imidazolium: Analogues of tyrosyl D of photosystem II: High-field EPR and DFT studies, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2005, 44: 5314–5317