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Interview with Ariane Nunes Alves

portrait of Dr. Ariane Nunes Alves
Dr. Ariane Nunes Alves

On Tuesday May 23rd, an interesting interview with UniSysCat researcher Ariane Nunes Alves was published in the Berlin newspaper “Tagesspiegel”. In it, she talks about catalysts, enzymes, proteins and how to harness artificial intelligence for cancer medication development.

Ariane Nunes Alves and her team focus on heat-shock protein HSP90, which cancer cells produce much more of than other cells. In the search for new pharmaceutical compounds that inhibit HSP90, they are using machine learning techniques to analyze the chemical properties of different substances and their interaction with proteins. This innovative approach could accelerate the search for possible cancer medications and offers promising prospects for drug discovery and development more generally.

Read the whole article (in German) here: