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Farewell to fire?

A joint live event with the chemist and philosopher PD Dr. Jens Soentgen from Augsburg University and the artist Julius von Bismark from Berlin, which was organized by Dr. Benjamin Steininger from the cluster of excellence UniSysCat, took place infront of more than 70 participants in the institute of chemistry at the Technische Universität Berlin on the 2nd of March 2023.

Herein, the occurance of wildfires all over the world was examined from the philosophical perspective of Jens Söntgen in the context of the european "zero emission" policy envsisaged for 2050, which would in consequence result in a farewell to fire – the basis for all human culture, science, and history in our society. In this framework Julius von Bismark presented impressive and artistically rearranged interior views taken from such a bone fire. Reflections from philosophy, chemistry, cultural history, and art were shared with the audience, which stimulated an inspiring discussion on challenges of the energy transformation and in particular catalysis-research.