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Einstein Center of Catalysis was approved

The executive board of the Einstein Center of Catalysis

2018 Nov 30, the Einstein Foundation has approved the application for the funding of Module 3 of the Einstein Center of Catalysis. A total of 8.4 million euros will be available from 2019 to 2025, parallel to the funding of the Cluster of Excellence UniSysCat.

The aim of the Einstein Center is to promote young scientists in the field of catalysis research in the broadest sense. This primarily includes the financing of the graduate school BIG-NSE, which belongs to the last cluster as a center for graduate education. Under the umbrella of the Einstein Center for Catalysis, the concept of the BIG-NSE is to be extended in the sense of higher interdisciplinarity. For this purpose, the future research projects of the doctoral students will be located in the border area between UniSysCat and other networks in Berlin. The Einstein Center for Catalysis will promote, i.e. “Catalyze”, collaborations between excellent research networks, and thereby generate synergy effects for research in Berlin. Conversely, this concept offers young researchers unique research opportunities.

"Through this interdisciplinary education in an established top-level network of practically all relevant research institutions that work in the field of catalysis in Berlin we want to prepare young scientist to be optimally suited for their career inside and outside university.", says Prof. Dr. Peter Hildebrandt, TU Berlin, spokesperon for the Einstein Center of Catalysis.