Dr. Martin Oschatz

Research interests

Functional porous materials for catalysis, gas adsorption and energy storage

Research Units in UniSysCat

Dr. Martin Oschatz
Max-Planck-Institut of Colloids and Interfaces
Department of Colloid Chemistry
Am Mühlenberg 1
14476 Potsdam
+49 331 567-9508
+49 331 567-9502


Publications (selection)

S. M. G. Lama, J. L. Weber, T. Heil, J. P. Hofmann, R. Yan, K. P. de Jong, M. Oschatz, Tandem promotion of iron catalysts by sodium-sulfur and nitrogen-doped carbon layers on carbon nanotube supports for the Fischer-Tropsch to olefins synthesis, Applied Catalysis A: General 2018, 568, 213-220.

Q. Qin, T. Heil, M. Antonietti, M. Oschatz, Single-Site Gold Catalysts on Hierarchical N-Doped Porous Noble Carbon for Enhanced Electrochemical Reduction of Nitrogen, Small Methods 2018, 2, 1800202.

S. M. G. Lama, J. Schmidt, A. Malik, R. Walczak, D. Varón Silva, A. Völkel, M. Oschatz, Modification of Salt‐Templated Carbon Surface Chemistry for Efficient Oxidation of Glucose with Supported Gold Catalysts, ChemCatChem 2018, 10, 2458-2465.

M. Antonietti, M. Oschatz, The Concept of “Noble, Heteroatom‐Doped Carbons,” Their Directed Synthesis by Electronic Band Control of Carbonization, and Applications in Catalysis and Energy Materials, Advanced Materials 2018, 30, 1706836.

M. Oschatz, N. Krans, J. Xie, K. P. de Jong, Systematic variation of the sodium/sulfur promoter content on carbon-supported iron catalysts for the Fischer–Tropsch to olefins reaction, Journal of Energy Chemistry 2016, 25, 985-993.

M. Oschatz, T. W. van Deelen, J. L. Weber, W. S. Lamme, G. Wang, B. Goderis, O. Verkinderen, A. I. Dugulan and K. P. de Jong, Effects of calcination and activation conditions on ordered mesoporous carbon supported iron catalysts for production of lower olefins from synthesis gas, Catalysis Science Technology 2016, 6, 8464-8473.

M. Oschatz, W. S. Lamme, J. Xie, A. I. Dugulan, K. P. de Jong, Ordered Mesoporous Materials as Supports for Stable Iron Catalysts in the Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis of Lower Olefins, ChemCatChem 2016, 8, 2846-2852.

M. Oschatz, M. Leister, W. Nickel, S. Kaskel, Advanced structural analysis of nanoporous materials by thermal response measurements, Langmuir 2015, 31, 4040-4047.

M. Oschatz, W. Nickel, M. Thommes, K. A. Cychosz, M. Leistner, M. Adam, G. Mondin, P. Strubel, L. Borchardt, S. Kaskel, Evolution of Porosity in Carbide-Derived Carbon Aerogels, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2014, 2, 18472-18479.

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