The team at UniSysCat is greatly saddened to learn about the death of Sir John Meurig Thomas, a highly regarded chemist and catalysis researcher.

An interdisciplinary team including UniSysCat group leader Prof. Dr. Peter Hegemann (HU Berlin) receives EUR 10 million from the European Research Council (ERC) to develop light-controlled molecular switches.

The surface science approach, pioneered by Gerhard Ertl and others, has proven to be most powerful to understand surface chemical reactions at the molecular scale. By applying tightly controlled conditions – well-defined...

Prof. Dr. Beatriz Roldán Cuenya, a group leader within our research cluster, has been awarded the 2021-2022 Paul H. Emmett Award in Fundamental Catalysis.

Three UniSysCat groups present the immobilization of a metal-organic complex in a truly innocent support for gas phase catalysis.

On the 3rd of November at 14:00, speakers and group leaders of UniSysCat will be showcasing the Cluster of Excellence and the importance of catalysis research at the Berlin Science Week.

Three UniSysCat research groups investigated in an interdisciplinary approach the formation of bulk- and surface-active layered (oxy)hydroxides for water oxidation starting from a cobalt selenite precursor.

Three UniSysCat research groups investigated in an interdisciplinary approach oxygen activation of a non-heme iron(II) Cyclam Center relevant for understanding the chemistry of dinuclear non-heme iron enzymes.

The group of UniSysCat research group leader Mathias Driess published three fundamental works for cluster areas A and D very recently, addressing distance dependent activation and specific electrocatalytic reactions.

UniSysCat group leader Prof. Dr. Kallol Ray has been awarded with the EuroBIC Medal 2020 for his exciting and top-level research in the field of Bioinorganic Chemistry.


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