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Senator visits UniSysCat

group foto
Majd Al-Naji, Holger Dobbek, Claudia Ben Nasrallah, Anselm Geiger, Raoul Naumann d'Alnoncourt, Peter Völker, Vera Philipps, Maria Andrea Mroginski, Arne Thomas, Ina Czyborra.
foto of lab tour
In the BasCat lab.
foto of lab tour
Majd Al-Naji shows Dr. Czyborra the plastic waste that is used as the substrate for green fuel.

On October 4th, UniSysCat welcomed a very special guest: Dr. Ina Czyborra (SPD), the Senator for Science, Health, and Care of the city of Berlin.

The meeting was attended by the spokespersons of the Excellence Cluster, Prof. Dr. Arne Thomas and Prof. Dr. Holger Dobbek, as well as the spokesperson of the Graduate School EC2/BIG-NSE, Prof. Dr. Maria Andrea Mroginski, the Equality Officer Claudia Ben Nasrallah, and the Vice President of the Technical University of Berlin, Prof. Dr. Stephan Völker. Dr. Czyborra was accompanied by her assistant, Dr. Anselm Geiger, the press spokesperson Sarah Oswald, and her office manager, Vera Philipps.

After a presentation by Prof. Dr. Arne Thomas, which introduced the current research of UniSysCat, a lively discussion ensued. Topics such as the economic significance of UniSysCat for Berlin and the exciting research themes of the cluster for the upcoming funding period and beyond were extensively discussed. The visit concluded with a tour of the laboratories at BasCat, the joint laboratory of BASF and UniSysCat. The Senator showed great interest in the innovative research conducted there, such as the process developed to produce green fuels from plastic waste. All participants look forward to a continuation and deepening of collaboration.

This visit is part of a series in which the Senator visits all seven Excellence Clusters in Berlin to gain insight into their work and significance for the city.