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First UniSysCat Retreat in Golm

More than 150 UniSysCat scientists met on the dates of 10. – 12. February 2020 in the central building of the Max Planck Campus in Potsdam-Golm to discuss recent research achievements within the five research fields of the Cluster of Excellence. While the areas A and B focused on coupled catalytic reactions in chemical and biological systems, both scientific worlds collide in area C, dealing with (semi) artificial catalysts and newly developed chemzymes. The use of light and/or electrochemistry to trigger catalytic reactions in chemistry and biology was presented by the areas D and E, respectively.          

Besides the implementation of various spectroscopic in situ techniques and the presentation of different functional materials suitable for catalytic studies, the importance of machine learning was emphasized in the theoretical section. In addition to overview talks given by experienced research group leaders, highlight talks were presented by talented Postdocs and PhD students. Lively discussions took place not only after the individual talks but also during the coffee breaks. In summary, the retreat was a great success and will take place next year at a different location within the research consortium.