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Clara Immerwahr Awardee 2020

The Excellence Cluster UniSysCat would like to congratulate Dr. Sophie Carenco and award her with the Clara Immerwahr Award 2020.

Dr. Carenco aims at deciphering the interplay between the nanoscaled features of an inorganic solid (composition, number of atoms, ligand at its surface) and its interaction with its environment. She works on producing well-defined nanoparticles of complex composition (eg. metal phosphides, metal oxysulfides, metal alloys, metal carbides), using the combined tools and concepts of molecular chemistry and materials sciences. She studies the surface reactivity of these nanoparticles using environmental tools such as in situ cells developed at synchrotrons for a range of spectroscopies (X-Ray, IR, etc.). Catalysis is the natural application of these insights, as well as a timely and relevant playground for contributing to the societal challenges.