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UniSysCat group leader Stefan Hecht becomes Einstein Professor

Prof. Stefan Hecht

Stefan Hecht becomes Einstein Professor

Since 1 October 2022, Prof. Stefan Hecht is now an Einstein Professor and thus returns to Berlin's Humboldt-Universität. UniSysCat congratulates him warmly on this important career step! He will thus continue his work as a group leader in UniSysCat. Hecht was already a professor at the Institute of Chemistry at Humboldt University from 2006 to 2019. Since 2019, he has been Scientific Director at the DWI - Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials in Aachen, until recently associated with the Chair of Macromolecular Chemistry at RWTH Aachen University.

Stefan Hecht is a material chemist. His team, the Hecht Lab, is researching different classes of materials in a holistic approach. They address global challenges: For instance, to minimise energy consumption and to close material cycles, it is necessary to research new materials with improved properties and develop them to technological maturity. In particular, his team wants to accelerate material development processes: "In addition to a comprehensive understanding of all relevant parameters, which artificial intelligence can certainly help us with, we must above all start learning to use evolutionary principles. Then the best material will prevail virtually by itself." as Stefan Hecht explains.

With the help of the "Einstein Professorship" funding programme, the Einstein Foundation supports appointments of scientists at the highest international level at Berlin universities.