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UniSysCat at Berlin Science Week 2022

Berlin Science Week 2022
Panel discussion "Energiesicherheit im postfossilen Zeitalter" on Nov 9
Meet the Scientist with Joachim Heberle on Nov 10
Science Slam of the Berlin Clusters of Excellence on Nov 10

Also in 2022, as every year, the international science festival Berlin Science takes place from November 1 to 10 in Germany's capital of science and research: Berlin. Together with numerous exciting organisations from Berlin and the world, Berlin Science Week presents a rich programme that offers insights into current research and innovation in science, evokes discussions on the grand challenges of our time, and encourages inspiring encounters in diverse and engaging formats.

UniSysCat will take part in this year's Berlin Science week with three great events on November 9 and 10.

Wed | Nov 09, 2022 | 5.30-7 PM | Urania Berlin e.V.
Energiesicherheit im postfossilen Zeitalter

Panel discssion with Prof. Matthias Drieß, Dr. Benjamin Steininger and Prof. Anke Weidlich

The question of whether our energy supply is secure at present, and especially in view of a post-fossil age, is on everyone's mind. The current energy crisis, triggered by the dramatic tensions with Russia as a result of the Ukraine war, only reinforces the already growing concern of people from all sectors of our society about the security of energy supply and about the costs of fossil energy. Energy security will be the topic of winter 2022. How secure is our energy supply - currently and in the coming months, but especially after an energy transition the urgency of which has been impressively underlined by another heatwave summer?

Chemistry is doubly in focus here. As a major consumer of numerous and currently often problematic resources, but also as a long-tested means of breaking free from dependencies through innovation. Catalysis research has a key role here - both for post-fossil energy systems and for all other global material cycles. What approaches is UniSysCat pursuing on this topic?

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Thu | Nov 10, 2022 | 4-50 PM | Humboldt Labor
Proteine sind Nanomaschinen

Molecules in Motion – Meet the Scientist with Joachim Heberle

Proteins are essential building blocks of life. However, the biological activity of proteins only becomes apparent when they are studied on the nanometer scale. Thanks to modern biophysical methods, their complex and fascinating mode of action can now be understood at the atomic level. In the Meet the Scientist series in Humboldt Labor, UniSysCat group leader Joachim Heberle shows how scientists research proteins.

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Thu | Nov 10, 2022 | 7.30-10 PM | Roadrunner's Paradise
Clear the stage for science – the Science Slam of the Berlin Clusters of Excellence

Slammin' like there's no tomorrow

At our cluster science slam, scientists try everything to entertain their audience, regardless of whether the subject is e.g. mathematics, neuroscience or active material. The sky is the limit when it comes to what’s possible. Costumes, props, movies, power-point presentations or other experimental setups – it is all allowed. Only time sets the limits – every slammer will have ten minutes at most. And the audience will decide which presentation is best!

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Tickets: If you would like to attend, please book your tickets by sending an email to Maddalena.andolfato(at) Tickets are also available at the evening ticket office.