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Introducing Onward Aid: Medical assistance for Ukraine


OnwardAid. © OnwardAid

Packing medical supplies.

Packing medical supplies. © OnwardAid

Driving to Ukraine.

Driving to Ukraine. © OnwardAid

© OnwardAid

UniSysCat is pleased to introduce Onward Aid, an initiative by Thomas Humphrey, one of our student staff. Together with a group of like-minded people, he has made it his mission to provide medical aid in Ukraine. UniSysCat supports his project and his commitment.

What is Onward Aid? 

We are a group of individuals with emergency medical technical, combat and organizational experience who have designated their free time and will to providing medical assistance to the frontline. Together, with the network of professionals and partner agencies we have built up since the first days of the invasion, we promise to provide aid to the frontlines.

What is the mission of Onward Aid?

Every day, tons of aid are arriving at the Polish border or in Lviv. What happens after that is for many a mystery. The fog of war often clouds direct supply chains, only clear communication and coordination with local governments can verify where destinations with the most priority are. Through our partnership with a local supply network and the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, we can identify which medical goods are needed most and where they need to be delivered. Upon successful delivery to secure warehouses from our local supply chain partner, the medicine is then safely delivered to frontline hospitals. We promise to guarantee our helpers and donators with the assurance that our aid is being delivered to where it's needed by providing photographic evidence. We want to provide this unique guarantee so that our donators are able to see proof that their money is being used solely for the purpose of saving the lives of Ukrainian citizens.

What has Onward Aid done so far?

We have so far successfully completed multiple trips into Ukraine. With the help of two doctors in Berlin, the intel of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and with information assistance by a trauma surgeon in Berlin, we were able to pack high-priority medicine and medical equipment to be delivered into hot zones across the country. So far, our aid has reached the Kyiv, Sumy and Chernihiv regions of Ukraine. 

What are the next steps?

We are preparing another trip to Ukraine. First, we have to collect donations in order to be able to buy more medicine and medical equipment. The actual journey to the frontline can then be rapidly organized, as we already have all the necessary documents and contacts to quickly deliver supplies across the border.

How can one support Onward Aid?

We are organizing donations. If you would like to support us, please visit It is important to us that we are transparent to our donators. Therefore, you’ll find a full list of our expenses here: