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Humboldtforum opened! UniSysCat is proud to be represented in Humboldtlabor

Opening of Humboldtlabor

Finally, on July 20, 2021 the Humboldtforum has been inaugurated. The huge building of Humboldtforum, a reproduction of the former Castle of Berlin, incorporates several museums, one of which is called Humboldtlabor. As its name "Labor", which means "laboratory", suggests, Humboldtlabor deals with science. It is an exiting space of interactive science communication: in the shaded room, all Clusters of Excellence of Berlin can be explored. Upon entering Humboldtlabor, the visitor is confronted with an interacting shoal that reacts to the visitor's movements. The interactive shoal is descriptive of the exhibition's intention: draw the visitor's attention to today's problems like loss of biodiversity and how science tackles to solve them. In the opening exhibition of Humboldtlabor called "Nach der Natur" or "After Nature", UniSysCat is represented by a wonderful movie that explains how UniSysCat researchers implement green chemistry.

Kick-Off exhibition "Nach der Natur"

Global environmental changes threaten our livelihoods. Moreover, they also change the political and social structures of societies. The opening exhibition of the Humboldtlabor "Nach der Nature" deals with the interactions between climate change and biodiversity loss as well as the global crises of democratic principles of order. One of the guiding principles of the exhibition is to "Learn from Nature" as its name inspires to. The exhibition gives an insight into the research of the seven Clusters of Excellence in Berlin.

If you are interested in seeing the exhibition, book a time slot for your visit on the website of Humboldtforum:


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