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Video Release: "Day in the Life" with Shuang Li

"Day in the Life" with Shuang Li

New video released: "Day in the Life" with Shuang Li.

UniSysCat researcher Shuang Li

UniSysCat researcher Shuang Li shows us what she does in a day in the lab.

What exactly are you doing in your research? - This is often the big question to scientists, and many find it difficult to answer. That's why we just film what they are doing: "Day in the Life of a UniSysCat researcher" - will be a collection of videos on our Youtube Channel. The first episode went online today.

You are interested in what a UniSysCat researcher actually does in a normal day? "Day in the Life" shows the everyday work of UniSysCat researchers.

The very first video of the project shows the daily work in the lab of UniSysCat researcher Dr. Shuang Li. Since 2015, Shuang Li has been working as a BIG-NSE scholarship holder in the Functional Materials group of Prof. Arne Thomas at the Department of Chemistry, Technische Universität Berlin. After her PhD in 2019, Shuang Li continued her work in the same group as a postdoc researcher. Her research focuses on the design and synthesis of novel hybrid materials and their applications as advanced electrode and catalytic materials. Very recently she got a professorship at the College of Polymer Science and Engineering, State Key Laboratory of Polymer Materials Engineering Sichuan University in Chengdu, China.

That's all the hard facts about Shuang's impressive career. By the way, she has also two kids - a hard working mum! In the video, she takes us with her to the lab. We filmed her on one of her last days in the group of Prof. Arne Thomas at TU Berlin. She shows us around and explains what she does in a day: "My name is Shuang Li. I'm a postdoc researcher in the group of Professor Arne Thomas. In the morning, we have a literature seminar. And then after the seminar, everyone starts his and her work. First, I look at my to-do list, that I've written the day before. I check the steps of the experiment, think about the chemicals, which I need and then, I write a detailed procedure of the reactions I'm going to do. And then, I go to the lab..."