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Second episode of the science podcast "exzellent erklaert" now online

Second episode of the science podcast  "exzellent erklaert" is now online.

Second episode of the science podcast "exzellent erklaert" is now online.

Prof. Christian Haass has been researching Alzheimer's for 30 years. The disease affects more and more people in our aging society. It is not curable - but is there a prospect of medication or even a vaccination? In the second episode of "exzellent erklärt - Spitzenforschung für alle" Larissa Vassilian talks to Prof. Christian Haass about the research results so far, about the biggest problems in Alzheimer's research and about the questions that are still open.

The SyNergy Cluster of Excellence in Munich (“Munich Cluster for Systems Neurology”) brings together a wide variety of institutions to get to the bottom of Alzheimer's and other brain diseases: there are SyNergy working groups at TUM, LMU, DZNE and at two Max Plancks Institutes, at both university clinics and also at the Helmholtz Center.

The German science podcast on current science topics reflects the research diversity of the Germany’s leading research institutions and Clusters of Excellence: from Africa Studies to Quantum Physics. In each episode, listeners can expect insights into the interdisciplinary work of one research network. The researchers of the clusters of excellence, funded by DFG talk to podcaster Larissa Vassilian about how they want to find scientifically sound answers to relevant topics of our time – for the society of tomorrow. Listen in and follow us!