Group Leaders

Prof. Dr. Markus Antonietti

Units: D
Expertise: colloid and polymer chemistry, synthesis of electrode materials

Prof. Dr. Robert Bittl

Units: B, C, E
Expertise: (pulsed) EPR spectroscopy

Prof. Dr. Thomas Braun

Units: A
Expertise: organometallic chemistry and homogeneous catalysis


Prof. Dr. Nediljko Budisa

Units: B, C, E
Expertise: protein modification by non-natural amino acids

Prof. Dr. Holger Dau

Units: A, B, C, D
Expertise: X-ray spectroscopy, QCL-IR/FTIR

Prof. Dr. Holger Dobbek

Units: B, C
Expertise: enzymology, X-ray crystallography, Fe/S-enzymes, biochemistry

Prof. Dr. Matthias Driess

Units: A, B, C, D
Expertise: organometallic chemistry, ligand design, molecular (heterobimetallic) active site mimics, molecular synthesis, chemical catalysis, main group chemistry

Prof. Dr. Dorothea Fiedler

Units: E
Expertise: biological chemistry, photoswitchable kinases

Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedrich

Units: B, E
Expertise: Fluorescence spectroscopy, fluorescent biosensors, photoreceptors

Prof. Dr. Joachim Heberle

Units: E
Expertise: time-resolved IR/SEIRA spectroscopy

Prof. Stefan Hecht, PhD

Units: E
Expertise: organic synthesis and photochemistry, molecular photoswitches, synthesis and characterization of photoswitches

Prof. Dr. Peter Hegemann

Units: E
Expertise: photoreceptor biochemistry and biophysics

Dr. Walid Hetaba

Units: A
Expertise: Transmission Electron Microscopy, Electron Energy Loss Spectrometry, EELS Simulations

Prof. Dr. Peter Hildebrandt

Units: B, E
Expertise: Raman spectroscopy (surface-sensitive, in situ), (time-resolved) RR/SEIRA spectroscopy

Prof. Dr. Birgit Kanngießer

Units: A
Expertise: X-ray spectroscopy, development of analytical methodology and instrumentation

Prof. Dr. Martin Kaupp

Units: A, D
Expertise: theoretical chemistry, quantum chemistry, energetics

Prof. Dr. Bettina G. Keller

Units: E
Expertise:  Molecular dynamics simulations

Prof. Dr. Janina Kneipp

Units: E
Expertise: surface enhanced Raman scattering, vibrational microspectroscopy, plasmonics.

Prof. Dr. Adam Lange

Units: E
Expertise: Solid state NMR spectroscopy, supramolecular protein assemblies

Prof. Dr. Silke Leimkühler

Units: B, C
Expertise: molecular enzymology, molybdoenzymes

Dr. Oliver Lenz

Units: B, C
Expertise: biochemistry, enzyme engineering, hydrogenases, protein expression and purification

Prof. Dr. Christian Limberg

Units: A, C
Expertise: ligand design, small molecule activation, model compounds, O2- and CO2-activation, metal complexes for reconstitution

Dr. Sebastian Matera

Units: A, D
Expertise: multiscale modeling, applied mathematics for chemistry

Prof. Dr. Maria Andrea Mroginski

Units: B, C
Expertise: theory (QM/MM, MD), MD simulations

Prof. Dr. Henrike Müller-Werkmeister

Units: D, E
Expertise: ultrafast spectroscopy (2D-IR, transient 2D-IR), time-resolved crystallography at XFELs and synchrotrons

Prof. Dr. Martin Oestreich

Units: A
Expertise: organic synthesis, ligand design, FLP, artificial organic cofactors, chemical catalysis, main group chemistry

Dr. Martin Oschatz

Units: A
Expertise: synthesis of nanoporous materials and electrode materials, single-site electrocatalysts, nanoparticle synthesis

Dr. Bartholomäus Pieber

Units: D
Expertise: Photocatalysis, Organic Chemistry, Flow Chemistry.

Prof. Dr. Kallol Ray

Units: A, C
Expertise: Bioinspired catalysis

Prof. Dr. Juri Rappsilber

Units: E
Expertise: Functional networks of proteins

Prof. Dr. Jens-Uwe Repke

Units: A
Expertise: Optimal Experimental Design, kinetic parameter estimation, Reactive flow simulation in CFD

Prof. Dr. Beatriz Roldan Cuenya

Units: A
Expertise: surface science, nanoparticles, electrochemistry

Prof. Dr. Peter Saalfrank

Units: D
Expertise: Theoretical photophysics and -chemistry

Dr. Patrick Scheerer

Units: B, C, E
Expertise: protein X-ray crystallography, XFEL, protein expression, purification, biophysical assays (e.g. MST/nanoDSF/Nanodiscs/SMALPs), LCP crystallisation

Prof. Dr. Frieder W. Scheller

Units: C
Expertise: enzyme electrochemistry

Dr. Ramona Schlesinger

Units: E
Expertise: molecular biology, biochemistry, expression and purification of membrane proteins

Prof. Dr. Robert Schlögl

Units: A, D
Expertise: electron microscopy, X-ray spectroscopy, catalyst characterization

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schomäcker

Units: A, D
Expertise: (photo)catalyst performance, kinetic studies, reactor design, photoreactor design

Dr. Matthias Schwalbe

Units: A, D
Expertise: electro- and photocatalysis and artificial photosynthesis

Prof. Dr. Peter Strasser

Units: A
Expertise: homogeneous/heterogeneous Tandem Systems

Dr. Han Sun

Units: B, E
Expertise: molecular dynamics simulations, membrane proteins, NMR spectroscopy

Prof. Dr. Roderich Süssmuth

Units: B
Expertise: enzymology and analytics of ribosomal peptide biosynthesis

Prof. Dr. Johannes F. Teichert

Units: A
Expertise:  Homogeneous Catalysis, Organic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Sustainable Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Arne Thomas

Units: A, C, D
Expertise: materials synthesis, functional materials, synthesis of photo(electro)catalysts

Dr. Tillmann Utesch

Units: B, E
Expertise: Molecular dynamics simulations

Prof. Dr. Roel van de Krol

Units: D
Expertise: transient spectroscopy, photoelectrodes

Prof. Dr. Inez Weidinger

Units: A, D
Expertise: Electrocatalysis, Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, spectro-electrochemistry

Prof. Dr. Petra Wendler

Units: B, E
Expertise: cryo electron microscopy

Prof. Dr. Ulla Wollenberger

Units: B, C
Expertise: Protein electrochemistry, Bioelectrocatalysis, Biosensors

Dr. Ingo Zebger

Units: B, C
Expertise: surface-sensitive in situ- (spectro-electrochemical) IR-techniques, IR/RR spectroscopy (time-resolved) 

Prof. Dr. Athina Zouni

Units: B, C
Expertise: biochemistry, X-ray crystallography, XFEL, assembly/disassembly of PSII